What is it about DWI’s and McDonald’s?

September 17, 2013

State troopers were just a bit surprised when they were called to an Erie County McDonald’s restaurant last month. The report they received was that a man was asleep in the drive-thru lane. When they arrived, they found the driver, and indeed he was asleep at the wheel with the engine running. When he woke up, the first order of business was to give him some field sobriety tests, which the officers say the man […] Read On

Prescription Database Focuses on New York Doctor Shoppers

September 4, 2013

Abuse of prescription medication is a huge issue, impacting every segment of society. One of the ways that people traditionally obtain a ready supply of paid medication and other mood-altering prescription drugs is to engage in what is referred to as “doctor shopping.” We described the practice, and some of its consequences, in our blog of June 2012 (Prescription Drug Crackdown Leads to 98 Arrests). A new online system for tracking prescription pill abuse went […] Read On

David Cassidy Charged with Felony DWI in New York

August 22, 2013

You might remember David Cassidy, a former teen idol who starred in the 1970’s “The Partridge Family” sitcom. The son of actor Jack Cassidy and step-son of actress Shirley Jones, he is also a singer (fifteen albums, including five solo albums), and has appeared in numerous films and appeared as a guest star on various TV shows. The Fort Lauderdale, Florida resident was charged on Wednesday with felony driving while intoxicated by police in Schodack […] Read On

Judge Rules NYPD Stop and Frisk Policy Unconstitutional

August 12, 2013

We’ve written previously about the New York Police Department’s stop and frisk policy (Have You Been Subjected to a “Stop and Frisk” in New York?). Well, after a two-month non-jury trial in United States District Court in Manhattan, Judge Shira Scheindlin has ruled the practice unconstitutional, specifically a violation of the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, as well as the Fourth Amendment protection against unreasonable searches and seizures. Witnesses who testified during the […] Read On

“Groping” Charge in Long Island Furniture Delivery Case

July 16, 2013

That was the word in the headline last month – groping. According to the article, a man delivering furniture to a home in Baldwin has been charged for putting his hand on the alleged victim’s lower back and buttocks, and then bending over to look up her dress when she walked up the stairs. The actual crime charged in this case is known as “Forcible Touching.” It is a relatively new offense on the books, […] Read On

Judge Blasts Cops for “Contrived” Falsehoods

July 1, 2013

When the police received a tip from an informant about individual, later identified as Tajuan Simmons, carrying a gun in a building in Manhattan, they responded and arrested the man. What happened in the interim was the subject of a hearing, and a decision, by Federal Judge Alvin Hellerstein, that does not bode well for the actions of certain law enforcement personnel. After the call was received from the informant, he was told by his […] Read On

Felony Charge under Leandra’s Law for DWI Suspect

June 4, 2013

When most people think about felony driving under the influence cases, they imagine drunk drivers doing extensive damage to property and to other people, even causing a death. Others might be prompted to consider drivers who are cited for DWI after numerous prior convictions for the same offense. But a recent report is illustrative of the fact that with no prior convictions (indeed, even with a spotless driving record), no property damage, no personal injury, […] Read On

Jet’s Season Off to a Tough Start

May 21, 2013

The Jets had are coming off a tough year. A poor 6 – 10 record, described by some as humiliating, called for changes this year. So during the off season, the Jets acquired a number of new players, among them running back Mike Goodson. Goodson was signed to a $6.9 million deal, and was projected to be one of the backs in the team’s regular rotation. He previously played for the Carolina Panthers and the […] Read On

DWI Checkpoints at Yankee Stadium

May 2, 2013

For those of us who travel outside New York City, either upstate or in neighboring communities, the appearance of drunk driving checkpoints is no big surprise. They are commonly found on highways and on local roads throughout New York and throughout the country. They are not as prevalent, however, in the middle of large cities. Many baseball fans were shocked, therefore, when they learned that a number of the checkpoints had been established near Yankee […] Read On

Violent Crime Up in Wealthy Manhattan Areas

April 16, 2013

The NYPD reports that violent crime, including rapes and felony assaults, are on the increase in some of the wealthier neighborhoods in Manhattan. The figures focus on the first quarter of 2013, and while some of the numbers may disturbing to some, other figures indicate that certain areas are actually experiencing a decrease in the crime rate. Here are some of the statistics released by the Department: Rapes were up in Chelsea, Gramercy Park, SoHo, […] Read On

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