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I hired George after going through two other lawyers. I was facing jail time for a second DWI and the other attorneys just pushed me to cop out. They both said that the case was too strong to beat. I found George to be completely honest and upfront with my chances at winning at trial. I rolled the dice and he got my case dismissed on various technicalities. The other lawyers had not even noticed these mistakes! George is worth every penny I paid him (quite a few pennies!). I recommend him to anyone charged with a crime.

I know it is your job and all, but I would like to personally thank you for your great work on my case. I am so thankful for you. It is liberating to have proven my innocence. I can finally forget and move on from one of the worst times of my life. You never gave up on me and showed that you cared about helping prove that I was not guilty. I am glad she is being looked into. My mom also thanks you. She said it is the best money she has ever spent. Because it was so worth it. All of the stress from that time has finally melted away. I had no faith in the system and now a bit of that is restored.”

I am deeply grateful to Mr. Vomvolakis and would give him my highest level of recommendation. In addition to being very knowledgeable and responsive, he fought tirelessly for me behind the scenes to get me a verdict that I felt was fair. Thanks to his work, I was able to avoid having any criminal record by doing community service. He answered all of my anxious questions with diligence and patience. He worked very quickly, which allowed me to resolve the issue in a very timely fashion. He was also deeply caring and sensitive towards me at a time in my life when I was extremely distressed. He is a fantastic lawyer and human being.”

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