Notable Cases

The Law Office of George Vomvolakis takes on a variety of cases from mail fraud to weapons possession. Each case is handled with the utmost regard for the client and the goal is always the same, to win.

Criminal Cases:

Man accused of stalking Ivanka Trump

Death at Dunkin Donuts

Annadale resident indicted for manslaughter and reckless endangerment for running over man in Dunkin’ Donuts parking lot.

Karate Master accused of sexual molestation

All criminal charges against Karate Master dismissed by prosecutors.

NYC Janitor accused of videotaping female students

Successfully convinced Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice that client needed rehabilitation rather than incarceration. Secured probation sentence for client.

Represented brother of acclaimed boxer Zab Judah for weapons possession

Successfuly secured probation sentence. Prosecutors initially sought substantial state prison sentence.

Represented attorney charged with mail fraud

Case dismissed after defense investigation revealed client’s innocence.

Civil Cases:

Civil defense of Karate Master accused of sexual molestation

Representing Karate Master being sued in Supreme Court for sexual molestation of student.

Two young males assaulted and falsely imprisoned by the NYC Police Department

Uncovered assault by police officers and subsequent false arrest. Case settled with City of New York for substantial confidential sum.

8 year old boy who slipped in school cafeteria

Representing young boy who slipped and fell while at school. He sustained severe injuries as a result of the schools negligence.

Internet marketing company accused of domain name hijacking

Representing company in federal court accused of domain name hijacking and trademark violations.

Group of gay males who were assaulted and falsely imprisoned by the NYC police department

Representing group of men grossly mistreated by NYC Police Department.

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