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Have you been charged with homicide?

A person facing accusations or charges of murder, homicide, or manslaughter needs to contact a defense attorney right away. The complicated and extensive classifications of homicide in New York State require the accused to have proper legal counsel from the first moment of the legal process to ensure the best chance of vindication or the least severe charges.

The most serious homicide charges are murder in the first degree, murder in the second degree and aggravated murder. Each charge is considered a class A-1 felony, and those convicted face life in prison. Aggravated manslaughter and manslaughter in the first degree are both class B felonies. Manslaughter in the second degree and vehicular manslaughter in the first degree and aggravated criminally negligent homicide are class C felonies. Vehicular manslaughter in the second degree and abortion in the first degree are class D felonies. Criminally negligent homicide and abortion in the second degree are class E felonies and require at least one year in prison.

What Happens if I’m Charged With Homicide in New York?

Each of the classifications of homicide has key differences and carries with them substantially different penalties. It is important to know their distinctions, and, in consultation with the right criminal defense attorney, plan a legal defense accordingly. Penal codes in New York State make slight but important distinctions between first degree and second degree crimes. These distinctions can represent the ten more years in prison without the right legal case.

Homicide defense extends well beyond the courtroom. The implications of accusations of homicide can do permanent damage to a person’s professional reputation and immigration status, regardless of the legal outcome. George Vomvolakis has extensive experience working with New York and national media, including TruTV, Court TV and New York local television news.

When the time comes for a person to face the accusations of murder, homicide, manslaughter, abortion or self-abortion, the person accused should not say a word to any authority until a trusted attorney has been contacted. There are few more trusted in New York than George Vomvolakis, who has successfully represented clients in high profile cases, limiting their sentences, erasing their charges and helping them restore their lives. Relying on previous experience as a prosecutor, Mr. Vomvolakis understands how the prosecution thinks and can anticipate the next steps in each case. This allows the defense to stay one step ahead.

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The Law Firm of George Vomvolakis is the right choice for handling legal needs following accusations of homicide or other causes of death. The Vomvolakis firm understands how to guide its clients every step of the way, taking great care to protect their rights, their liberties and their reputation. Contact a homicide attorney today at (212) 682-0700 or via email at [email protected].

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