Jet’s Season Off to a Tough Start

The Jets had are coming off a tough year. A poor 6 – 10 record, described by some as humiliating, called for changes this year. So during the off season, the Jets acquired a number of new players, among them running back Mike Goodson. Goodson was signed to a $6.9 million deal, and was projected to be one of the backs in the team’s regular rotation. He previously played for the Carolina Panthers and the Oakland Raiders, and had piled up some impressive statistics.

On Friday, Goodson and a pal were stopped in an SUV along Route 80 in Denville, New Jersey at about 3:15 a.m. Police say that they were called by a passing motorist concerned about Goodson’s condition. After arriving at the scene, Goodson was transported to the hospital, but in the process, the cops say they found marijuana in his possession. After he left, police claim they found a loaded 45-caliber semi-automatic gun in the car, along with ammunition for the gun, which consisted of hollow point bullets. Goodson has been charged with possessing a small amount of marijuana, possession of a loaded firearm, and possession of the bullets. The driver was charged with the same offenses, plus driving under the influence, traffic violations, and possession of a gun by person with a prior felony conviction.

No word yet on the Jet’s reaction to all this, and it’s too early to say how this will pan out. We can tell you, however, that about three weeks ago, two other Jet players – cornerback Cliff Harris and defensive end Claude Davis – were cut by the team after they had been arrested for marijuana possession. We don’t know if the result for Harris and Davis signals a similar end for Goodson’s career as a Jet. While we’re not sure it should figure into the equation, we do note that Goodson is better known than Harris and Davis, and that the Jet’s financial investment in him is also more significant. Even if Goodson remains on the team, he is subject to the NFL policies regarding drugs and weapons, which could lead to a suspension.

At this point, we have not seen anything in the way of a response from either the team or from Goodson on the charges. As always, nothing at this point has been proven or admitted to, and Goodson remains innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

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