Self-Defense in New York

May 25, 2012

Self-defense has been getting a lot of bad press lately. The news has been flooded with opinions concerning what are commonly referred to as “Stand Your Ground” laws. The catalyst for this discussion is the case of George Zimmerman, charged in Florida with second degree murder for killing Trayvon Martin this past February. Zimmerman claims self-defense. He says that Martin attacked him on the street, broke his nose, and banged his head against the sidewalk. […] Read On

Actor Matthew Fox Charged with Drunk Driving

May 16, 2012

Actor Matthew Fox, known for his roles in Party of Five and on the TV series Lost, was arrested about a week ago and charged with DWI. He also received a misdemeanor charge for “not having a driver’s license.” The arrest took place in Fox’s home state of Oregon following a traffic stop. Fox was allegedly swerving outside his lane and not using his directional signal while going out for a snack a little after […] Read On

New York City’s Zero Tolerance Marijuana Policy

Zero tolerance – we hear the phrase all the time. For example, New York has a zero tolerance DWI law making it illegal for anyone under 21 to drive a motor vehicle after having consumed any alcohol at all. Zero tolerance has also been applied to harassment in the workplace, domestic violence and possession of narcotics. You might be interested in knowing that the New York City Police Department has its own zero tolerance policy […] Read On

Will a Criminal Defense Attorney Help With Drug Possession Charges?

August 16, 2011

If you find yourself on the receiving end of drug possession charges in New York State, you may be faced with hefty fines or jail time. Many of these charges are made indiscriminately, and with a presumption of possession charge, an entire group can be charged even if they had no prior knowledge of the presence of drugs. Facing drug possession charges can impact your quality of life, as these charges remain on your record […] Read On

Will a Criminal Lawyer Help With Charges of Drug Trafficking?

August 9, 2011

Drug trafficking crimes are among the crimes that have seen an increase in recent years. With the increase of these types of crimes, law enforcement has bolstered their efforts in the war on drugs. Drug trafficking is prosecuted at the federal level by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), and even first offenses can be charged as a felony and lengthy jail sentences can be applied. The only way to protect yourself in the event […] Read On

The Difference Between a Aggravated DWI and Regular DWI

August 2, 2011

Finding yourself on the defending end of a DWI charge can be an expensive, time-consuming hassle, but it can easily be prevented simply by educating yourself about the laws you are up against. New York state law includes three levels of DWI charges, including the most serious and most complex charge – aggravated DWI. Understanding how authorities determine which charges to apply is crucial. The clearest difference is based on the driver’s BAC, but as […] Read On

What Does a Defense Attorney Know About Credit Card Fraud?

July 26, 2011

With the increased use of and dependence upon credit and debit cards instead of cash, credit card fraud has been on the rise in recent years. In order to address the serious nature of these crimes, more aggressive laws have been developed to combat them. Credit card fraud straddles both fraud and theft charges, depending on the nature of the crime. Hiring a knowledgeable defense attorney can help you determine what you are up against […] Read On

The Three Degrees of Burglary

July 12, 2011

When most people think of “burglary” they probably immediately associate it with theft. While theft is commonly a component, it is not the only reason a person may be charged with burglary. If you are facing burglary charges, it is important to understand the three degrees of burglary and how they differ, as well the potential penalties for each of the charges. Here are the three degrees of burglary as defined by the state of […] Read On

Can a Criminal Attorney Help With an Assault Charge?

July 5, 2011

Assault charges are very common offenses, and frequently weighted more heavily than the situation calls for. New York criminal attorneys can help clients defend themselves against assault charges that may be incorrectly charged. Article 120 of the New York Penal Code defines how these charges are determined and their penalty designation. An assault charge can range from simply a violation up to a class E felony (felonies in New York are assigned in descending weight […] Read On

Drunk Driving Fines

June 28, 2011

As law enforcement agencies seek to crack down on drivers under the influence of alcohol, fines and penalties associated with these crimes continue to increase. License suspensions and jail sentences are also potential repercussions, but the most common way drivers convicted of a DWI in New York are impacted are through expensive drunk driving fines that can reach into the thousands if the accused is a repeat offender. The level of a DWI charge is […] Read On

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