Gun Crimes

Mayor calls NYC “safest big city” despite rise in shootings

June 23, 2015

When New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio campaigned for his current post, he proposed changes in the city’s “stop and frisk” policy. This angered the cops, who told us that the policy was critical to fighting crime in the Big Apple. And with the increase in shootings in New York to date this year, critics are zooming in on a chance to say “I told you so.” Not so fast, according to the mayor. […] Read On

Brooklyn cops accused of planting evidence

January 19, 2015

For those who scoff at suggestions that we need to police the police, you might want to take a look at one of the latest NYPD fiascos. The background of this case includes at least six instances where cops from New York’s 67th Precinct in Brooklyn busted people on gun charges. It was reported that in each of the cases, the officers said they received tips from an unidentified “confidential informant”, and that the information […] Read On

Judge sides with defendant against cops, throws out gun charges

December 20, 2014

The cops are fuming!  As they see it, a New York Supreme Court Justice did the unthinkable.  He chose to believe the testimony of half a dozen civilians, and effectively discounted contrary testimony by four police officers.  As a result, Justice Michael Gary, after a bench (non-jury) trial, dismissed gun charges against the defendant.  Here’s the background. Back in 2012, in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, officers say they observed the defendant, Marty Sully, firing […] Read On

Labor Day Weekend 2014 in NYC – Guns Everywhere!

September 3, 2014

For those concerned about the news regarding the proliferation of guns (and their use) among all segments of the population, Labor Day Weekend in New York was a virtual exhibition of how many tragedies can occur in the course of just a few short days. Topping the list was a police officer who was on foot patrol with a partner in Bedford-Stuyvesant in the early morning hours on Sunday morning. The two encountered a suspect […] Read On

Off-Duty Cops and Alcohol – A Bad Combination

July 8, 2014

Off-duty cops in New York City and around the country regularly carry guns while they are off-duty. It sounds like a respectable safety measure, based upon unassailable logic – unless, of course, you ignore the fact that police officers are human, and in some respects maybe a bit more human, than the rest of us. What we’re referring to, of course, is that cops have most, if not all, of the defects, problems, illnesses, and […] Read On

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