Wrongful Convictions

1964 Murder Conviction Vacated . . . Finally!

June 2, 2016

It was October 1963. John F. Kennedy was President. Singer Sam Cooke was arrested for trying to register at a “whites only” motel in Louisiana. A first class stamp cost 4¢. And Lawrence Rothbort was shot to death in his Brooklyn apartment. Shortly after the Rothbort shooting, a 29-year old man, Paul Gatling, was questioned about the killing, then arrested and charged with first degree murder. He was facing the death penalty. A year later, […] Read On

Man acquitted of murder after 24 years behind bars sues NYC

March 4, 2015

In a series of events reminiscent of a detective novel, Derrick Deacon, who was convicted of a murder he did not commit, and who has spent almost a quarter century in prison as a result, is now a free man. He’s suing the city, as well as the NYPD detectives who he says were responsible for the miscarriage of justice. The saga started in 1989 with the robbery and killing of a man in the […] Read On

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