Theft Crimes

What Are the Penalties for Burglary in New York?

October 30, 2017

Theft and burglary are often used interchangeably, but while theft is typically a component of burglary, the reverse is not true. A person can engage in theft without being deemed a burglar. Burglary involves entering a home or building with an intent to commit a crime. The person may be there to steal someone or even injure or kill someone through use of a gun, knife or other weapon. That’s what makes burglary more violent […] Read On

Eleven Indicted in Alleged Identity Theft Scam

January 29, 2016

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office announced last week the indictment of 11 people on a variety of counts related to the alleged bilking of banks and their customers for a total of almost three quarters of a million dollars. How was the scheme accomplished? According to the D.A., the defendants operated across the country, traveling from New York to nine other states. Prosecutors claim that the group accomplished the thefts in the following way: They […] Read On

Racial profiling by . . . Macy’s?

May 14, 2014

Racial profiling is a term that we’ve been hearing a lot about lately. In the Big Apple, it’s peppered throughout many reports on the NYPD’s “stop and frisk” policy. It’s also been a major news item in stories about police activity in Los Angeles, Durham, and in a host of other towns and cities across the country. In each case, local police departments are faced with allegations that they are arresting a disproportionate number of […] Read On

Theft of Apple Products Continues to Soar in NYC

January 14, 2014

Back in mid-2012, we reported on what then appeared to be a relatively new phenomenon, that is, the increase in the number of iPhones and iPads being stolen. We noted in that article (Grand Larceny Increase Tied to iPhone and iPad Thefts) that the theft rate for these items was so high that it was the driving force behind an overall increase in grand theft in New York City. We concluded our report with the […] Read On

Fortune Telling Plea in Manhattan Supreme Court

October 1, 2013

It’s not as if we haven’t heard about fortune telling scams before. They have been the subject of books, articles, plays, movies, and documentaries for as long as any of us can remember. But did you know that fortune telling is a crime in the State of New York? Under § 165.35 of the Penal Law, it is a class B misdemeanor to solicit or receive a fee for telling (or pretending to tell) fortunes, […] Read On

Looting Charges from Sandy Fall Flat

March 2, 2013

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, charges of looting were rampant, and the NYPD utilized what have been called “roundup” techniques to make arrests in various neighborhoods. We’re not exactly sure what these techniques were supposed to accomplish, but the record thus far indicates that the Department may well have ended up making a host of arrests without any legal basis. Apparently, when notified that a particular area of the city, or a particular store, […] Read On

Grand Larceny Increase Tied to iPhone and iPad Thefts

August 27, 2012

Grand larceny is on the increase in the Big Apple, thanks in large part to a thriving black market for Apple’s iPads and iPhones. According to a story in the New York Post, grand larcenies are running at about 10% above last year’s total, with over 25,000 incidents so far this year. An astonishing 17% of those thefts involved Apple products. The Apple thefts are on the increase, and the number is currently 55% higher […] Read On

The Three Degrees of Burglary

July 12, 2011

When most people think of “burglary” they probably immediately associate it with theft. While theft is commonly a component, it is not the only reason a person may be charged with burglary. If you are facing burglary charges, it is important to understand the three degrees of burglary and how they differ, as well the potential penalties for each of the charges. Here are the three degrees of burglary as defined by the state of […] Read On