Minor crimes won’t lead to arrest in Manhattan

March 22, 2016

A new NYPD policy went into effect on Monday. Mayor Bill de Blasio, Commissioner Bill Bratton, and Manhattan D.A. Cyrus Vance have announced that those who are accused of certain minor offenses will receive summonses, and will not be arrested. There is, of course, some opposition to the move. Without belaboring the point, the gist of that opposition is the claim that receiving a summons, as opposed to being handcuffed and hauled into jail, will […] Read On

Call for Reduced Sentences on Low-Level Drug Crimes

December 22, 2015

In a recent editorial, the New York Times has called for a reduction in sentences for those convicted of low-level drug offenses. The impetus for the proposal is two-fold: first, Congress has been wrestling with sentencing reform for some time, and potential changes may be in sight; second, the available statistics show that an immense amount of money and resources are currently being devoted to housing inmates in federal prison who pose no danger to […] Read On

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