New York DWI

NY Assemblyman Wants Stronger Boating while Intoxicated Laws

August 24, 2016

DWI is in the news constantly. Reports surface on a regular basis of crashes, driving while intoxicated with children in the car, injuries, fatalities, and more. One group or another calls for lowering the legal limit for blood alcohol levels, stiffer sentences, ignition interlock devices, jail for first offenders, and the list goes on. We hear much less about boating while intoxicated, and when we do read an article or see a newscast on the […] Read On

DWI Checkpoints at Yankee Stadium

May 2, 2013

For those of us who travel outside New York City, either upstate or in neighboring communities, the appearance of drunk driving checkpoints is no big surprise. They are commonly found on highways and on local roads throughout New York and throughout the country. They are not as prevalent, however, in the middle of large cities. Many baseball fans were shocked, therefore, when they learned that a number of the checkpoints had been established near Yankee […] Read On

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