Jury Trial

Verdict stands in face of juror misconduct charge

June 3, 2016

Peter Liang is an ex-police officer with the NYPD. He was convicted in February of manslaughter in the accidental fatal shooting of an unarmed man in a housing project in Brooklyn. After the verdict was announced, but before Liang was due to be sentenced, media reports claimed that one of the jurors lied to the attorneys in the case. During voir dire – the questioning of potential jurors prior to trail – the juror said […] Read On

Chaotic Jury Deliberation Leads to Mistrial

December 8, 2015

It’s not often that the public gets a look inside the jury room. It’s even rarer when you are told some of the specific statements that are made during deliberations. The case was and is a very serious one. Keno Roberts, a black man, was charged with killing his stepson, who was three years old. He was arrested and was held without bail at Rikers Island for four years. Earlier this month, a jury acquitted […] Read On

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