DWI Laws

Felony Charge under Leandra’s Law for DWI Suspect

June 4, 2013

When most people think about felony driving under the influence cases, they imagine drunk drivers doing extensive damage to property and to other people, even causing a death. Others might be prompted to consider drivers who are cited for DWI after numerous prior convictions for the same offense. But a recent report is illustrative of the fact that with no prior convictions (indeed, even with a spotless driving record), no property damage, no personal injury, […] Read On

911 Call from Daughter Leads to DWI Charge

April 2, 2013

Police say that they received a 911 call from the daughter of a man driving on the Long Island Expressway claiming that her father was drunk. When police sorted out the situation, they discovered that the vehicle was carrying two children, aged 12 and 14. Fearing that their father was intoxicated, the older daughter dialed 911 and alerted police. When their father pulled over onto the shoulder, the girls waved frantically at approaching police cars. […] Read On

The Difference Between a Aggravated DWI and Regular DWI

August 2, 2011

Finding yourself on the defending end of a DWI charge can be an expensive, time-consuming hassle, but it can easily be prevented simply by educating yourself about the laws you are up against. New York state law includes three levels of DWI charges, including the most serious and most complex charge – aggravated DWI. Understanding how authorities determine which charges to apply is crucial. The clearest difference is based on the driver’s BAC, but as […] Read On

What To Do If You Get Stopped For a DWI

June 21, 2011

Finding yourself on the side of the road with a police officer shining his flashlight in your eyes is never a preferred experience, especially if you were drinking before you got behind the wheel. Authorities are becoming more aggressive in seeking out drivers who are under the influence, and New York is no exception. What you do after you’ve been pulled over can influence the outcome of your experience, so make those critical first few […] Read On

3 New York DWI Laws You Should Know About

June 9, 2011

Everyone can agree that driving under the influence is a bad decision, but most people probably aren’t aware of just how detrimental a DWI conviction can be for the offender. States across the country are cracking down more each year, and New York is no exception. While loss of license, expensive fines and inflated insurance premiums are common repercussions of breaking DWI laws, those are some of the lesser penalties one can face. New York […] Read On

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